Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

I wish everyone would play along!

Now I just wish everyone would play along! We as women also need to start holding our men responsible and stop giving them immunity, places to sleep/hide, hold on to their illegal stuff, depend on them for our own self worth…HOLD THEM TO THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF BEING A FATHER!!! We have to re-learn the REAL meaning of ACCOUNTABILITY and LOVE and PROSPECTIVE. WE need to shift our value system and begin to affect change every day with the people we come in connection/contact with. Some times the task of change seem daunting…BUT IT CAN BE DONE through conscious living one person at a time. — Michelle D


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One thought on “I wish everyone would play along!

  1. Self worth: that’s a big one too Michelle. That’s the bonus to this approach: Not only do we have the opportunity to (1) give men some real encouragement to give up the gun/thug life (hard to feel like you’re all that when no woman will give you the time of day), (2) deny men living the gun/thug life the opportunity to reproduce — but we also have (3) teaching/reminding women, young and older, that our bodies have REAL value and REAL power and they should ONLY be shared with men who are worthy, who respect us, our families and communities. The fact is that men with guns/thug life attitudes have been birthed by women like us, RAISED by women like us, accommodated by women like us, bailed out by women like us, housed by women like us, LOVED and SEXED by women like us (even as we’re left to raise their angry sons and daughters, and the cycle continues…). Sistahs CAN stop it and we NEED to stop it.

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