Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

Programming vs. Parenting

[The] task does seem very daunting because these ladies get some kind of rush or high from having a thug / gunman boyfriend. They think it’s sexy, sense of adventure….I don’t know but that challenge is great but needed to be overcome!

I’ve been waiting to hear not only for the men to step up but the women too as well! This task ahead of us is on all of our shoulders and is not for just male or females.

I think the solutions [on] the table are concrete and will definitely change the culture & thinking of these misguided youth / adults today.

Programs help but will not help a young individual who feels lost, misguided, depressed….

They still have to go home after the programs are finished and face their realities. Earlier I was calling for parents to find effective ways of CONNECTING with their children. Not talking with them but CONNECTING with them. Roll up the sleeves….get dirty….find creative ways of emotionally & intelligently understanding the struggles in our children’s lives.

If parents don’t have the ability then that’s where community comes in to fill in the gaps. That’s where programs can help in this fight but it is not the ultimate.

Having those intelligent convos to come up with specific cures definitely need to be done more! [This] solution based approach today is one of the ways surely to change the tide favourably! — Barry G.


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One thought on “Programming vs. Parenting

  1. nubeing on said:

    I started [a parenting] magazine was because I had given up on all these angry youth and angry men. I thought maybe we could do more for ourselves if we catch the babies while they are still in the womb and educate and uplift the mothers. But now I know we have to go even further back then that. It does minimal good to uplift the mothers when so many of us are choosing worthless men to get pregnant with. I guess we need to attack the problem from all sides. Bind together and strengthen our existing families, and also make better choices for who we will be in those families. Like our foremothers said, we need to keep our legs CLOSED until we know exactly who we are dealing with.

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