Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

We can do better!

I think this is a brilliant idea – alongside others too, but I think that we as mothers and lovers of these men do enable these forms of manhood/masculinity when it simply only serves to nurture this cancer of violence amongst us. To me, what I read is that we need new definitions and understandings of masculinity, fatherhood, femininity and motherhood and how we relate to each other in all our relationships. I remember Malcolm X and Tupac saying this as well and we really can do this. I want many people to read [this idea] so I will repost it. It’s really shifting the paradigm for us to think about different ways we can step up as members of our community and literally SHAME those who only want to breed violence OUT – out of their anger, out of the stereotypical box they exist in and out of our communities if need be as a last resort. It’s tough love really…I have been so saddened by Monday’s occurrence. There is hope…and I do not want to get lost in the abyss of hopelessness, so what [we’re discussing] is the possibility of hoping and knowing WE CAN DO BETTER. — Tope A.


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