Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

Support the family unit

[This] idea actually may have legs. I hope this conversation string can go viral to get the necessary engagement and traction it needs to actually move. In addition to closing our legs we need to invest in supporting the family unit with parenting support skills, dialogue to help us raise self-loving, respecting, educated [kids] and giving back to the community and society in a productive way. We need to support each other. It’s not easy raising kids. Lets talk to each other about the joys and challenges we experience and place some of our focus on raising the kids we have now, right. We have each other to lean on. As well I think the resources are out there I just don’t think we know about them or take full advantage of them when we use them. I will do my part to get your message out there. — Seyi O.


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