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Parents: Would you lie to protect your child?

If you son or daughter committed a crime, would you lie to the police to protect your son or daughter from prosecution? Do you believe that crime is better handled at home or in the community?  Let’s say it’s what we often consider “serious” crime. Violence. Drugs. Stealing. If the police come looking for your son or daughter, do you lie? Do you help your son or daughter escape, hide, destroy evidence? Really, how would you handle that?

Suzanne L: “Let’s put it this way; I would NEVER stand in the way of Real justice. Real Justice. Many times this would mean, me actually turning my kid in, standing there and watching them go to jail, knowing that no matter how painful, this is the right way to mete out justice. Other times it would mean, me smuggling him out of the country or destroying evidence. Oh yes. It could mean that. I would kill for my kids. Lying for them would be nothing.

Our goal AS PARENTS is to raise our kids up to their fullest potential. Not to enable or condone illegal or violent behaviors. Of course not. We have to teach them to be accountable for their actions. That accountability has to be braced up by consciousness though. I’m not gonna turn my kid in BECAUSE everyone in society thinks I should. My motivation will be firstly, the betterment of his Self and SECONDLY, my societal obligation. I’m being honest here. My kid’s soul comes before society’s lust for his punishment.

If I know that doing some jail time will straighten up his ass, then I’m gonna help him get some of that jail time. BUT, if I believe that NOTHING will be served by that (and, People….very often…nothing is), then I will do my best to help him. Justice is NOT ALWAYS served within the Justice system. This is a system that has, by and large, not served the needs of our young, black men. Justice doesn’t ALWAYS mean Punishment. Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No. I have to consider all this in making my decision as to what I would do. This issue is not black and white and not a question I can answer absolutely from a hypothetical vantage point.”


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