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Who is our enemy?

On the issue of harbouring and supporting the “criminals” in our homes and communities: The men (yes, it’s mostly men) who do the shooting and killing and drug-dealing and terrorizing ARE our lovers, our husbands, our brothers, our sons, our FAMILY, our friends. So WHO IS OUR ENEMY? Is the enemy the people who are committing the crimes against our families and communities? Is the enemy the police who we can’t seem to trust? Do we protect ourselves against the criminals who may be our very own children? Or do we protect OUR criminals (because no doubt, they are OURS) against the police? This is a hard question that requires some REAL talks.


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One thought on “Who is our enemy?

  1. shannon on said:

    any action is a positive action.. good work on you for putting the topics out there !!!

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