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Problems with the Police

“Yes i would lie to the police straight up the justice system has failed society and im sure we have all lied to the police at sometime…sometimes we lie to protect i would hate to know i was the cause of my childs incarceration and imagine how they would feel…prevention is the best medicine teach and guide your children and you shouldnt have anything to worry about that all you can do!!!” — D.J.B.

“I think the real problem is our community has been harassed and abused so much by the police that even if we need their help we are reluctant to ask for it. almost as reluctant as they are to give it.” — Dene S.

“The more I ask this question, the more I appreciate the fact that there is a sliding scale of where we will “handle it on our own” and where we will flat out call the po po. So stealing a bike vs stealing a car. I guess what i can’t wrap my head around knowing my child has committed a more heinous crime and feeling that they are being protected by not turning them over to the police. So what they have done being wrong is not at issue, just that one doesn’t trust the police so justice will be served better at home? What if this same child commits another crime, or one more serious?… I am no big fan of the police for various reasons, but I feel I can talk to the issue, because I have worked with them many times trying to find solutions to these ‘silence’ problems. It has been said many times, we all hate the police until its our own child’s murder that they have to look for, then we are all up in their ass for them to “do their jobs!” But this isn’t about the police or anyone outside of our community… Our children are killing each other, and we need to keep talking, and asking questions, and sharing information. We need to engage these kids in activities that keep them off the street. Not wait for another program to be created by the city, create engaging activities on our own! When is the last time you grabbed your ‘neighbours’ kids and went to the park? Sat and read a book with you niece? We are willing to work second jobs to afford the car, how about taking the bus and saving a child. I’m not speaking to any one person’s life, so please don’t try to make it about that… I am just saying if we all made a little sacrifice, WE could be the change needed versus waiting for a city run program to do it.” — Mikey W.


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