Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

Youth problem/Adult problem

Being a parent can be a humbling experience. One of my favourite sayings is “children make a liar of us all” . We must be honest to know when we have lost the power of influence over our children. Harbouring is making excuses for our children. WRONG is WRONG. I have a nephew who was shot and killed as a teenager. The most hurtful thing was finding out he had been involved with some wrong tings…his mom never shared with us (could have been the shame). Regardless, when do we admit we tried our best but our children have wills of their own? We love them but discipline is also one the greatest forms of love.

One of the greatest wisdom ever shared with from my Elder Paul Hill Jr. is that we don’t have a Youth Problem but an Adult One. Adults, lets meditate on that. — Paul O.


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