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Women. Have. Power.

Do women really love the bad boys?

Tomorrow Guns Get None will be featured on CBC radio’s Ontario Today, a call-in show where listeners can share their opinions, ask their questions, and basically let their voices be heard. The time is 12 noon to 1PM and the call-in number is 1-888-817-8995. In Toronto, you can listen on your radio at 99.1FM or also listen live online at

Today’s question came out of a conversation I had…it seems that some people feel the idea of asking women to say no to sex with gunmen would be ineffective because women actually choose those men because of their thug gangster lifestyle. For any number of reasons (money, prestige, excitement, even low self esteem on our part), many of we women select this type of man and prefer this type of man. Sometimes violence is actually an integral part of the relationship. Or it may be the thrill of perceived power.

Do you think this is an accurate perspective? Are women actually embracing and encouraging the gangster lifestyle? Or are we more often turning a blind eye to it and wishing that it would go away? Do we have an individual responsibility to actively work to stop violence in our communities, or should we just live and let live? (That is, unless we get shot.)


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5 thoughts on “Do women really love the bad boys?

  1. I feel that those that are pre-disposed to violent behavior lack a basic conscience, therefore it is Very Possible that Domestic Violence will incease ten-fold in these areas. This could also put additional strain on all Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Staff as well. Violent Offenders are bad enough. Violent Offenders with a bruised ego and Damaged “Rep” within the Gangs will be that much worse of a problem and put countless women at risk behind closed doors.

  2. I just listened to the conversation on CBC radio at noon today, Guns Get None. One of the best I’ve heard on this station. These are the issues that need to be discussed.

    I think most of the women that are in relationships with men who are criminals, black, white, hispanic or native, may have gotten into these relationships at first when they were naive and remain in these relationships because of fear. Some men threaten to kill women, and many times do kill women, who walk away. Women have to be smart when they try to leave such relationships. And indeed they must. It isn’t an easy thing. Society needs to be compassionate and help the women who are in these relationships to get out. I don’t think there is enough help for them. It’s very important that a woman involved with a criminal or any man suspected of criminal activity, not stay in the relationship and play games. They should get out as soon as it’s safe.

    Yes it’s true that the men, just move on and find another unsuspecting girl to hook up and live with, or several girlfriends. So education is the key.
    Where are the films about these issues. Where are the TV shows that tell life like it is instead of glamourizing crime. These real life movies should be played for our teens in high school and after watching discussing them. If these topics are not dealt with in high school then high school is a wasted time and space for our kids.

    We’re sending children out into the world without helping them to live as adults in a dangerous world. We give them the rights as adults at an early age without the information. Funds need to be spent on films and school curriculums that give life skills to stay safe and make better choices.

    Yes, women have the power to change the world. They have the power to say no to being with a thug. They have the power to choose a good husband and lover and a good father for their children. They have the power to choose wisely but they need information.

    As for these violent criminals. Canada is way too soft on crime. We can be much tougher on crime and at the same time prevent crime by making sure more jobs are made available for our youth. Instead of shipping our jobs overseas, Canada should bring many of these jobs home and give our youth something to do. At the first sign of any gang related activity these youth should be shipped out to the countryside of Canada. At these Boot Camp styled work complexes the youth 16 + could be learning a skill, saving their money for college, while continuing their education at night without getting a criminal record. I believe Canada can afford to build these complexes and save our youth.

    • Yes there are jobs that go overseas but being born and raised here in Canada all my life. I find it piss poor excuse people can’t find a job because they do not want to work. They want fast money or easy money first, they think it makes them a man to do what they do. I witness immigrants always coming to this country and always finding jobs. One recently 4 months in the country always has a full time job. I do not feel sorry for these people because I have seen people from homes with no parents at all make it through to university and college and do just fine. My parents had it way harder then any of these people today. They help destroy their environment. The no sex thing won’t fly takes a lot more then that to get them to stop doing it because if one female won’t give it up another female would.

  3. Listened to you on CBC today. Great topic, great blog, great discussion. Keep up the good work. I don’t ever see the problem of gang violence going away completely, for good, forever – but bit by bit and little by little, I believe we can chisel away at it with proactive and pragmatic measures such as these and hopefully diminish and resist some of the more harmful effects.

  4. Susan Wells on said:

    I heard your very passionate words on CBC. If someone voiced what I am going to say I did not hear it. Why did no one say – LEAVE THE CRIMINAL, BULLY, BEATER !!!!!

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