Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

Pick you battles…and your allies

The last few days have been quite the worldwind of media attention. Thank you to CBC’s Ontario Today for giving us the first mainstream opportunity to take this conversation from Facebook and the blog to the airwaves. And thank you, somewhat, to the other media outlets that didn’t quite put in the effort required to create news and report accurately…but still helped to draw attention to the discussion, although with the sour taint of sex scandal dressed up and misrepresented to attract as many readers and listeners as possible.

And a special thank you to those who actually came to visit the site, maybe even read something, and tried to get a sense of what we are really talking about. Now that we’re all here, we’d like to lay out some groundrules.

Please consider this blog to be a virtual living room. In this virtual living room, we are having a conversation about the issue of harbouring and enabling armed criminals and potential criminals in our families and in our communities. You are welcome to join in. Make yourself comfortable. Stay for awhile. See what others have shared. Add your own thoughts and ideas.

This is NOT a conversation about self-proclaimed “law-abiding gun owners” nor is this conversation about hunters, sport shooters, people in the army, police, collectors, or any of the other “firearm owners” who are worried about gun control and a loss of rights. This blog is neither about you nor for you.

If the issues of criminal gun use do not affect you, your family, or your communities, please do not feel obligated to participate. However, your insight may prevent another Eaton’s Centre shooting or Just Desserts. Gun violence does not just impact the places where we think it should. We may all be one cappuccino or croissant away from facing these problems ourselves.

Like in any other living room, in this conversation you will be expected to respect the rules of the house. If your purpose is to ridicule without adding anything to the discussion, don’t expect to see your comments posted here. Unnecessary verbiage may be edited for clarity. We are trying to discuss real issues. Anything less is a waste of everyone’s time, and certain types of comments only make it difficult for those who actually want to participate in this discussion.


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