Got a gun? You get none!

Women. Have. Power.

International Day of the Girl: A Strong Message

I just has a conversation with some young women at work with and I am scared for the young women of this generation…
Young women please think of yourselves as BENTLEYs ….Not many people can afford one… Stop being HONDAs….Trust me YOU do not have to belittle yourself to be with a man ….You don’t have to have a child to keep a man….What will help you to achieve your goals in life is to always remember to respect yourself in every way possible….Educate yourself and i don’t mean going to school …yes that is a part of it….look for strong female role models that are doing positive things with their lives and have that conversation….Find a Sister Circle with like-minded people who can help you elevate yourself….let go of the passa passa…and the mix up …stop skinout on BBM and Fassbook… Malcolm X said to educate a man is to educate an individual …but to Educate a Woman it To Educate and LIBERATE a NATION…..So Young Women read this knowing that it is coming from a place of love…. One Love and please share your comments …. — Elaine R.


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